Summer Dressing

Sartorialist Pants7


Shirt sleeves and pant legs rolled-check! 

The dog days of summer are here (90F and above in New York this week!) and the relentless heat shows no signs of letting up any moment soon.

#1 Go for the Roll

Roll it on up! Whether it be your pant legs or your shirt sleeves, crisp cuffs look polished and save you from the dreaded wrinkle sweat lines.

#2 Shorts don’t have to be sloppy


Forget boardshorts, gym or basketball shorts-shorts were meant to be fitted and flattering. Belt them, neatly roll them and stay cool in the city in style!

#3 Slip Ons, Not Sandals


And no, there’s never a case when flip flops are appropriate! Unless you’re at the beach, opt for drivers, moccasins and loafers or the European favorite, espadrilles.

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