We specialize in presenting literally the finest luxury clothing and accessories in the world for a fraction of normal retail prices.

Almost everything is from Italy and the vast majority of our over 7,000 items in stock are handmade. Suits from many of the brands take over 4 weeks of time to produce. It takes over 25+ hours of hand stitching alone to produce the jacket for a suit of this quality level. Many of the brands of shirts we sell take over 5 hours alone of hand stitching.

What makes our products the finest are the finest fabrics, the best design, and the best execution. Without all 3 of these components you cannot have the finest clothing or accessories in the world. There are no substitutes or shortcuts for true luxury items. By their vary nature one cannot exist without the other.

Our passions are consistent with the items we sell there is no other product I could be more pleased to offer than our finest men’s luxury designer’s clothes.

Ian Daniels