What is Luxury?



Luciano Barbera Pocket Square

Luxury has become the word on everyone’s lips. Whether for your wardrobe, your ride or at home, we all strive for more. Why is there more demand for luxury than ever before? It’s not simply a question of larger incomes or more disposable income, instead, it’s a movement towards buying fewer but better items. It’s about building a relationship with every component in your life, appreciating the precision cut, quality and profound distinction in living above the median.


Paolo Scafora Shoes

 People often hold a great deal of nostalgia for the past, vying for a time when things were not only simpler, but constructed with greater merit. While we’re thankful for our smartphones and tablets, we couldn’t be more pleased to be a part of the revival of this attention to detail and care. Luxury campaigns are now more about the hours of precise labor and skill that goes into the construction of an item rather than how on trend it is. There’s a push for personalization, for items that will stay with you not just for today and tomorrow, but for years to come.


Cesare Attolini suit 

Thankfully for us, these marks of craftsmanship and timelessness have never gone out of style in Italy. We’re proud to offer the finest designers from the peninsula that maintain the same, upmost quality of standards that they have from centuries ago. When you purchase a suit from Shop the Finest, rest assured that we’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation and are only offering the finest fabrics and tailormanship on the market!

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