ShopTheFinest Brand Spotlight: Brunello Cucinelli


(Image courtesy of Brunello Cucinelli)

Brand Manifesto: “I’ve always dreamed of creating useful work for an important objective” – Brunello Cucinelli 

History: Born in Castel Rigone (otherwise known as Perugia) in 1953, Brunello Cucinelli often dreamt of a career centered around human values. He, as a rising entrepreneur, soon realized that colorful cashmere garments could be his calling and what would end up becoming a fashion revolution in its own right.

Upon this discovery, Cucinelli dropped out of college in 1974 to establish his own business that would ultimately make his brand a worldwide, fashion institution. Cucinelli, with his first small company in Ellera di Corciano, soon took over Germany and the United States – his first main markets. The Brunello Cucinelli brand continued to spread its international presence and now has boutiques in the luxury shopping districts of Milan, New York, Paris, Rome, London, Tokyo, Moscow, Geneva, Miami and Las Vegas — just to name a few.

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