Sartorial Soles: Saint Crispin’s Monk Straps

Double Monk Straps by Saint Crispin


Olive Green Monk Strap

Item #: GM133

Size: US – 9.5 D / UK – 9F

Retail Price: $1600.00 

ShopTheFinest Price: $639.00

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We are very proud to offer what could be considered the finest shoe in the world.  Yes, I said in the world.  It is hard to judge when you are selling what would be the equivalent of Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, and Ferrari which is the best.  All are handcrafted with the finest of materials.  But for sheer rarity in shoes this is it.  The factory only produces 50 pairs a week of ready to wear shoes.  The other production is for bespoke shoes.  That production totals only 30 pairs a week.  The factory has a grand total of 10, yes 10, employees to make shoes.

The brand was founded in Austria with only one thing in mind, to make a shoe that is the absolute finest in the world in terms of fit, materials, construction, and workmanship.  Literally, second to none.  The owner in an interview was asked, “Whose shoes would you wear if you could not wear your own?”  He kind of chuckled and said to the interviewer after taking a few moments to think about it, “That is a very good question I have never been asked that.  If I had to wear someone else‘s shoes other than my own I guess it would have to be John Lobb Paris, before.” I.E. they are not as good as they use to be.  That is an incredibly high standard to live up to, and they do.

To my knowledge, Saint Crispin’s shoes have never even been offered for sale in the United States before, so this is truly a rare opportunity.  Thank you again for all of your continued support.  Without it we would not be able to offer such special items for sale.