The Finest for Fall/Winter Styling



  • Top Row: Avon Celli sweater, Barba dress shirt, PT01 pants, and Sutor Mantellasi boots.
  • Bottom Row: Avon Celli sweater, Barba dress shirt, Donnanna pants, and Sutor Mantellasi boots.

We’ve selected a few ideal outfits to wear during the warm days and cold nights of Autumn.  These Avon Celli sweaters are 100% cashmere and once you’ve worn one, you’ll see why they are known as one of the best sweater-makers around the world.

As the leaves begin to change color, so should your wardrobe.  The 100% virgin wool and slim fit PT01 pants were also designed with different colored buttons on there button fly and back buttons.

Barba’s dress shirts have a reputation for elegance and style known throughout Italy. The secret to their success lies in the skilled cutting techniques, attention to detail and the use of refined fabrics.

These Sutor Mantellassi boots will win over any shoe enthusiasts respect with their high-quality handmade shoes.  The tradition of these classically designed, comfortable, and durable boots are perfect for both business and casual wear.

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