Sans Socks

Even before the calendar marked the first day of summer, those Italians were up to what they do best-showcasing to the rest of the world how well they break traditional victorian fashion commandments and make us eager to join along in their new look! 61610MassimoWhtjeans_1837Web_large

So how does one choose and make the executive decision to go sans socks or not? Some variables to keep in mind: Weather, obviously-snow on the ground wouldn’t be the best time to drop all sense in your look!


Next: What you’re wearing on top-make sure it’s balanced with your overall look and not looking sloppy. Another? Whether you’re planning to don ankle skimming pants or rolling and if so, how far do you plan to roll up? Obviously, rolling your pants to knee level and forgoing socks may look just silly with loafers as they would with the addition of socks, so make sure the whole look is “homogenous” as you would.


Visit us again later this week as we explore how socks and loafers go together!

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