Luxury Travel-The Finest Airplane Essentials

 Outside of traveling by private jet, airline travel isn’t very glamorous. Overcrowded airliners, long lines and uncomfortable seats can nearly ruin the thrill of your excitement over the destination you’re traveling to. Nearly. As the saying goes, getting there is half the fun, so for your next getaway, add on these little luxuries to make traveling amongst the masses a little more refined and memorable.





Luigi Borrelli 50% Cashmere, 50% Cotton blend

If the person next to you happens to be sick, wrap this soft blended scarf around your nose and mouth to keep the germs at bay. Also doubles as a blanket so you can opt out of the re-used scratchy wool ones the airline offers.

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Rue des Mimosas 97 100% Cotton Sweater

Keep your overhead air vent going to clear the air and wrap into this lightweight sweater

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Sutor Mantellassi Cashmere slippers

To slip into post-security and on the plane when you get up to stretch

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