How Many Pairs of Pants should you own? Part 2

Continuing this week…
24822_3_Continuing in our series of “How Many Pants should you own” is today’s topic of formal wear. It often seems burden some to simply have too many formal jackets and trousers in your closet, but we’d advise you to keep in mind these few things before you toss them aside:

Events come unexpected


Sure wedding invitations may often arrive months in advance, but that date invite for this weekend won’t. Often times, it’s difficult to do last minute shopping and secure a tailor  to perfect the fit. Do yourself a favor, plan in advance, for both the unexpected and the expected.

Well tailored trousers last a lifetime

Granted, weight gain or loss will certainly change the fit of the pants but when you invest the money in the finest trousers on the market, these minor tweaks are easily fixable with time.

You may not want to wear black to all black tie events


Sure there may be dress code restrictions and kind suggestions but for those events where you want to dress outside the box, wouldn’t it be helpful to have more than one black pair of dress pants on hand?

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