Athletically Inclined

A new movement took place on the streets of Milan and Paris this past month for the most recent’s fashion week. In fact, traces could be seen on the runway as well. What was this influence you ask?

Athletic footwear 


Taken from the gym, but not quite gym ready. We love the athletic influence in the workplace when it merely hints at sporty but never at sweaty! michael-chernow

How to adapt the look to the workplace without looking a slob? Take a look at these Italian sneakers that say anything but “gym time”.


Trust in Sutor Mantellassi to make one of the best looking sneakers we’ve ever seen-this grey pair works as well with tailored jeans as it does with a slim cut suit.

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This pair by Paolo Scafora offer the sleek look of your favorite driving moccasins with the extra comfort of a sneaker.

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