5 Best-Dressed Men at the Met Gala 2014

Another Met Gala has come and gone. While there was no shortage of couture gowns and exquisite dresses at this year’s Gala, the men also rose to the sartorial occasion with flawless, suited up looks. Here’s our round up of the best-dressed men at Met Gala 2014:


1) David Beckham in Ralph Lauren Black Label

A balanced mix of modern tailoring with a traditional white dinner jacket is always reliable.


 2) Ryan Reynolds in Gucci

Normally, we’re not huge fans of the velvety-suede tuxedo but Ryan Reynolds certainly made a bold statement on the red carpet. We’re still not convinced it’s the best look for an event like the Met Gala, but Reynolds made it work.


3) Douglas Booth in Burberry

This rather conventional outfit exudes gentleman swagger. At half the age of his peers, Booth definitely manages to hold his own with the classic black and white combination paired with his Brit attitude.

1399351007812_Met-Ball-2014-Best-Dressed-Bryan-Cranstorn 4) Bryan Cranston in Calvin Klein

The overall success of this outfit can be attributed to the great fit.  Cranston’s rebel personality, as evidenced by his role on “Breaking Bad,” has carried over to his touches in personal suiting style. The black tie and the fresh flower lapel pin add the right amount of personalized touch without going overboard.

1399351007817_Met-Ball-2014-Best-Dressed-Frank-Ocean5) Frank Ocean in Givenchy

We can conclusively say that the white tuxedo on black trouser combo was the mainstay trend at this year’s Met Gala. Frank Ocean’s outfit is an example of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Sometimes, keeping it simple is the best way to go even at an extravagant affair such as the Met Gala.


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All pictures courtesy of Google Images