Top 3 Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear Must-Haves

With the wintry climate bidding its final adieu in most parts of the world, we are anxiously counting down the transition to warmer weather and sunny, balmy days here at ShopTheFinest. Here are some of the important, classic menswear trends – just a quick breakdown of our favorite essentials for Spring/Summer 2014.


1. A Navy Sportscoat

We can’t emphasize what a powerful statement a navy sportscoat makes. This applies to all shades of blue. It’s the one outer layer you’ll need this Spring/Summer to pull off a smooth, sophisticated suited up look. Accessorize with the proper pieces, like a patterned tie and complementary pocket square, and you’re good to go!

Shop the look: Orazio Luciano Dark Blue Sportscoat

2. Bold Pastel Checkered Shirts


A bold pastel checkered shirt is a great complement to a sportcoat, serving as a light underlayer and that essential pop of color. ShopTheFinest’s vast collection of bright pastel and distinctly-patterned shirts won’t disappoint one bit.

Shop the look: Frank Namani Shirts 

3. Light Brown Oxford Lace-Ups


Present your best foot forward with a high-quality, European designer oxford lace-up, and there’s always a favorite for every season. A light brown oxford lace up gives an outfit a relaxed but polished touch. It’s the one accessory that you can take from a daytime brunch to an extravagant evening out in the city.

Shop the look: Paolo Scafora Brown Shoes

We hope you enjoyed these menswear must-haves for the Spring/Summer season! If you’d like more assistance or have any questions, feel free to contact us to place an order or to make an appointment. We’re always here to help.