Identifying Most Popular Tie Knots

A standard tie is at least 56′ long and there are about 85 ways to tie them, but can you identify the four most popular tie knots? Allow us to explain:

shopthefinest-most-popular-tie-knots copy

1. The Four-In-Hand resembles a small, tight asymmetrical knot that you can easily wear with almost anything, from button downs to point and medium-spread collars.

2. The Windsor is a fat, wide knot that is rooted in its British dandy heritage. Goes really well with spread collars.

3. The Pratt is a smaller, less severe version of the Windsor knot. It’s meant to be paired with narrow-collared shirts.

4. The Half Windsor has an upside-down triangle shape and is incredibly versatile. Usually worn with medium-spread and point collars.

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