City Shopping: Los Angeles


Sunny Los Angeles, the home of show business and dreams but also, the west coast epicenter of fashion! While most people think of NYC as the country’s capital for fashion, we encourage anyone who hasn’t taken a gander at our shopping selection in Los Angeles to make it a priority for your next trip!


Rodeo Drive

Could it be the most famous shopping street in the world? It’s certainly one of the most celebrated and well visited. Name a top designer and you’re surely to find their stores here! Some of the best people watching in the city combined with some of the best of life’s luxuries from the world over, what’s not to love?


Robertson Boulevard

Home to the electric mix of house furnishings, designer boutique, kinky sex stores and vintage abound, you can never be quite sure what you’ll spot on Robertson and perhaps that’s the sheer joy in passing an afternoon there!


And of course, last but not least, we couldn’t forget our headquarters in Los Angeles! Located on Sawtelle on the border of beautiful Santa Monica, don’t miss out on the opportunity to Shop even Finer by making an appointment with us to shop in our warehouse!

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