Style The Finest: Mastering Menswear Tweed Patterns

Tweed Sportcoat by Luigi Borrelli, Dress shirt by Andrea Finamore Napoli, Tie by Anna Matuozzo Napoli, Pants by Donnanna, Belt by Luigi Borrelli, Shoes by Santoni, and Bag by Brunello Cucinelli.

Suggestions For Your Next “Tweed Run”

After seeing photos from the Nov. 26th 2011 Rugby Ralph Lauren Tweed Run.  We noticed there were some who had great style putting together the classic look properly and those who needed a push in the right direction.  Conventional taste has guided us safely to this vantage point, but scaling this peak of patterning will require a bit more sartorial acumen.  Here are our suggestions to the ideal Tweed Run look for any gentleman.

Three Keys to Mixing Three Patterns Properly

1. Risk and Reward go hand in hand.
2. The safest route to the happy rendezvous of three patterns within one ensemble is where each design differs from the others.
3. Maintain a consistent amount of contrast and scale within the ensemble’s components, which makes the overall enterprise appear relatively effortless.

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